Saturday, August 11, 2012

Qatar's Doha Despots Blamed for Syrian Abductions

Victims of Qatari-funded & armed terrorism call on Doha for action.
August 11, 2012

A snapshot from a TV news showing two of the Lebanese hostages abducted in Syria on May 22
Image: (PressTV) A snapshot from a TV news showing two of the Lebanese hostages abducted in Syria on May 22.
Press TV has reported in their article, "Families of Lebanese abductees slam Qatar for kidnappings," that "the families of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims kidnapped in Syria have staged a sit-in in front of Qatar’s embassy in Beirut, declaring Doha responsible for the lives of the abductees." It also reported that, ""the 11 Lebanese pilgrims were returning from a pilgrimage in Iran when they were kidnapped by Syrian insurgents near Syria’s northern province of Aleppo on May 22." 
Qatar is openly arming and funding the terrorists inside Syria responsible for these kidnappings and many other atrocities. 
Reuters reported in their article, "Saudi, Qatar paying salaries to Syria rebels: diplomat," that the Gulf despots were literally paying militants to fight in Syria, and that NATO member Turkey was coordinating the logistics of the payments. Reuters also reported that Qatar openly called for arming terrorists in Syria in their article, "Qatar PM calls for arming Syrian rebels." 
The London Guardian would then report in, "Qatar crosses the Syrian Rubicon: £63m to buy weapons for the rebels," that Qatar was laundering money and weapons through Libyan terrorist groups - the same groups Qatar armed in the 2011 NATO war on Libya. 

Finally, weapons and cash being brought into Syria through Turkey, is openly being coordinated by the United States through the CIA, reported the New York Times in their article, "C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition." 

Clearly then Qatar is complicit in the violence and atrocities carried out by militants they are underwriting, and responsible for the innocent lives being jeopardized and lost. 
Terrorists operating in Syria are notorious for kidnapping, torturing, and mass murdering civilians and tourists alike, as detailed in Human Rights Watch's own report "Syria: Armed Opposition Groups Committing Abuses" (summary here). While HRW has reported these atrocities, it along with the Western media, has attempted to downplay, spin, and excuse them, allowing Western governments and their Gulf allies to continue supporting, funding, and arming the militants.  
The most recent kidnapping by militants in Syria involves 48 Iranian pilgrims in Damascus. Iran has also approached Qatar as well as Turkey in an attempt negotiate for their release.